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The special relationship of Germany with Shakespeare found highly personal and at the same time highIy political expression in this recurring identification, and in its denial. But Hamlet is not the only Shakespearean character with strong appeal: Carl Schmitt's largely still unpublished diaries of the s reveal an obsessive engagement with Othello which has never before been examined.

Interest in German philosophy and political thought has increased in recent Shakespeare studies. No Hamlets brings historical depth to this international discussion. Illuminating the constellations that shaped and were shaped by specific appropriations of Shakespeare, Hofele shows how individual engagements with Shakespeare and a whole strand of Shakespeare reception were embedded in German history from the s to the s and eventually , the year of German reunification.

H53 Unknown. Soltani, Zakariae, author. Description Book — xi, pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. O75 S65 Unknown. Persistent legacy : the Holocaust and German studies [].

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Description Book — vi, pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. Richardson Part VI. In studies of Holocaust representation and memory, scholars of literature and culture traditionally have focused on particular national contexts. At the same time, recent work has brought the Holocaust into the arena of the transnational, leading to a crossroads between localized and global understandings of Holocaust memory. Further complicating the issue are generational shifts that occur with the passage of time, and which render memory and representations of the Holocaust ever more mediated, commodified, and departicularized.

Nowhere is the inquiry into Holocaust memory more fraught or potentially more productive than in German Studies, where scholars have struggled to address German guilt and responsibility while doing justice to the global impact of the Holocaust, and are increasingly facing the challenge of engaging with the broader, interdisciplinary, transnational field. Persistent Legacy connects the present, critical scholarly moment with this long disciplinary tradition, probing the relationship between German Studies and Holocaust Studies today.

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Fifteen prominent scholars explore how German Studies engages with Holocaust memory and representation, pursuing critical questions concerning the borders between the two fields and how they are impacted by emerging scholarly methods, new areas of inquiry, and the changing place of Holocaust memory in contemporary Germany.

Richardson, Liliane Weissberg. Erin McGlothlin and Jennifer M. P47 Unknown. Pabst, Stephan, author.

P33 Unknown. V45 Unknown.

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After the Stasi : collaboration and the struggle for sovereign subjectivity in the writing of German unification []. Ring, Annie, author. Reading works of literature since German unification in the light of previously unseen files from the archives of the Stasi, After the Stasi uncovers how writers to the present day have explored collaboration as a challenge to the sovereignty of subjectivity.

Annie Ring here interweaves close analysis of literary fiction and life-writing by former Stasi spies and victims with documents from the archive, new readings from literary modernism and cultural theories of the self. In its pursuit of the strange power of the Stasi, the book introduces an archetypal character in the writing of German unification: one who is not sovereign over her or his actions, but instead is compelled by an imperative to collaborate - an imperative that persists in new forms in the post-Cold War age.

Ring's study identifies a monumental historical shift after , from a collaboration that took place in concert with others, in a manner that could be recorded in the archive, to the more isolated and ultimately less accountable complicities of the capitalist present. While considering this shift in the most recent texts by East German writers, Ring provocatively suggests that their accounts of collaboration under the Stasi, and of the less-than-sovereign subjectivity to which it attests, remain urgent for understanding the complicities to which we continue to consent in the present day.

R56 Unknown. Archaeologies of modernity : avant-garde Bildung [].

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Rumold, Rainer, author. R84 Unknown. Archive and memory in German literature and visual culture []. E35 Unknown. Jahrhundert : ein Epochenbild [].

Martus, Steffen author. Wer misset dich? M38 Unknown. Bibliophil, engagiert, einzigartig : grosse Literatur in kleinen Verlagen []. Bielefeld : AV, Aisthesis Verlag, Description Book — pages : illustrations chiefly color ; 23 cm. Summary Be bibliophil! W42 G33 Unknown. German narratives of belonging : writing generation and place in the twenty-first century []. Shortt, Linda author. Description Book — pages ; 26 cm. Summary Since unification, German culture has experienced a boom in discourses on generation, family and place.

Linda Shortt reads this as symptomatic of a wider quest for belonging that mobilises attachment to counter the effects of post-modern deterritorialisation and globalisation. In this way, she combines an analysis of supermodernity with an enquiry into German memory contests on the National Socialist era, and that continue to shape identity in the Berlin Republic.

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Exploring a spectrum of narratives that range from agitated disavowals of place to romances of belonging, this study illuminates the topography of belonging in contemporary Germany. S56 Unknown. German pop literature : a companion []. Summary Pop literature of the s enjoyed bestselling success, as well as an extensive and sometimes bluntly derogatory reception in the press. Since then, less censorious scholarship on pop has emerged to challenge its flash-in-the-pan status by situating the genre within a longer history of aesthetic practices.

This volume draws on recent work and its attempts to define the genre, locate historical antecedents and assess pop's ability to challenge the status quo. It also remedies the lack of attention to questions of gender in previous pop lit scholarship and demonstrates how the genre has evolved in the new millennium via expanded thematic concerns and new aesthetic approaches. G Unknown. H36 Unknown. Im Umfeld der Weimarer Klassiker : Tagung der Humboldt-Gesellschaft [].

T34 Unknown. The Italian Renaissance in the German historical imagination, []. Ruehl, Martin A. Description Book — xiii, pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. Summary List of illustrations-- Acknowledgements-- 1. Introduction: Quattrocento Florence and what it means to be modern-- 2. Ruthless Renaissance: Burckhardt, Nietzsche and the violent birth of the modern self-- 3.

Death in Florence: Thomas Mann and the ideologies of Renaissancismus-- 4. The Renaissance reclaimed: Hans Baron's case for Burgerhumanismus-- 6. Conclusion: the waning of the Renaissance - death and afterlife of an idea-- Bibliography-- Index. As their own country entered a phase of critical socioeconomic changes, German historians and writers reinvented the Italian Renaissance as the onset of a heroic modernity: a glorious dawn that ushered in an age of secular individualism, imbued with ruthless vitality and a neo-pagan zest for beauty.

The Italian Renaissance in the German Historical Imagination is the first comprehensive account of the debates that shaped the German idea of the Renaissance in the seven decades following Jacob Burckhardt's seminal study of Based on a wealth of archival material and enhanced by more than a hundred illustrations, it provides a new perspective on the historical thought of Imperial and Weimar Germany and the formation of a concept that is still with us today. E89B NO.

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Erweiterte 2. M B43 Unknown. Hecken, Thomas, author. Stuttgart : Verlag J. H Unknown. Protest and reform in German literature and visual culture, []. PX Unknown. Russische Literatur in Deutschland : ihre Rezeption durch deutschsprachige Schriftsteller und Kritiker vom Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart []. Jahrhundert Der deutsche Sprachraum und Russland im G3 L44 Unknown.