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Definitely recommend to anyone starting the process of pursuing consulting. Thanks to PrepLounge I received a fulltime offer at the consulting firm of my dreams! The platform provided me not only with the relevant materials, but also with a wide range of competent case partners to practise with. To give my preparation further polish, I joined the P4S program. All of the coaches were really supportive and helpful. While it's not impossible to receive an offer without the coaches, they can really fine-tune your performance and save you i time and ii failures.

Considering the opportunity cost, I found the program worth every penny and would book it again with no doubt. Also the talent managers are doing a fantastic job in making the whole program run very smoothly. Thanks PrepLounge! As this is my 2nd time applying to Consulting, I know for sure that I was not prepared the first time and real-life practice and help from experts is the only reason I did well this time.

While some people think that over-practising can make your analytical abilities go stale, I would argue that there is no such thing as too much practise and there are always mistakes and areas of improvement that you can address with each extra 45 minutes of a case interview. I would recommend using PrepLounge to anyone who is serious about getting a job in Consulting.

Practise makes perfect!!

Case Interview General

Besides the preparation with other users and on my own by means of the provided extensive material on PrepLounge I participated in the Prep4Success Program. I felt that this addition has been very helpful. The talent managers have been easily reachable and assisted me in any matter. The recommended experts could ideally coach me. Gregor provided a great case and gave feedback to me right away during the session. I felt that this has been extraordinary advantageous. Gregor takes lots of of time and impresses with detailed and precise feedback as well as with his pleasant conversation style.

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The BEST questions to ask at the end of a consulting interview

Also Martin structured the session very well. Besides he shows an engaging coaching approach and also takes a little bit extra time. Dear all, preplounge has been my most important tool for my interview preparations. In my opinion, there is no substitute to practicing actual interviews with peers. Books can only give you theoretical background knowledge that might be useful. Cheers, Florian. Before I was introduced to PrepLounge I read 2 Case Books in order to understand the interview and selection process better.

But just with the help of PrepLounge I was able to transfer the theory into practise by doing live case interviews with different case partners and watching PrepLounge videos. What helped me most was the Prep4Success coaching program. Due to the individual feedback of the expert I was able to work on precise weaknesses and I gained confidence with every practise interview I did. I got into Mckinsey and will be starting soon. I'm sending this email to thank you and underline how good your platform is.

I really made it thanks to Preplounge and I mean it. Coming from an IB background I did not know what cases were about and how to start. YouTube videos, being the interviewer and then doing back to backs with people all around the world was the best preparation I could possibly have. I am glad to write you my story. I have started studying for case interviews in June during my last year of MSc and I have read the 3 best-known books for cases preparation.

By the way books are not enough to crack a case, so I failed my first interview with a MBB even though I have practiced with a couple of friends. Using PrepLounge I have had the opportunity not only to refine my frameworks but also to apply them in tough cases, gaining insights from valuable candidates and skilled trainers. Conclusion: I got 4 offers and I chose Bain.

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Thank you for the support! Thanks PrepLounge for supporting a board to find interview practice partners and valuable cases! I finally got an offer at one of the top firms and I recommend everybody to use PrepLounge extremely intensive. And do not forget: There is also a personal fit part next to the cases that needs a lot of preparation. Therefore, the PrepLounge advice on personal fit interview helped me a lot. I've received an offer from a MBB in Canada after a short, intensive and ultimately successful prep session with PrepLounge.

After going through some theoretical material on my own, I knew I needed live case cracking sessions but didn't have the partners to practice with PrepLounge gave me access to a fantastic network of qualified candidates that helped me get interview ready in a matter of weeks and land an offer. Case partners not only fined tuned my case cracking skills but also shared their interview experience and tips.

Some had already passed first rounds at the same firm I would be interviewing with! Couldn't have made it without PrepLounge! Working hours depend on the geography. Hours also depend on the type of project on average, the shorter the …. As mentioned earlier, there are many different ways one can approach this problem. I typically approach this following way: 1 What is the total demand for gas stations? To start with number 1, while I have no idea about the real There will inevitably be discussions about the job, the Trust and current issues and therefore you must be familiar with at least some of the basics.

This will include reading the following:.

Episode 54 – How to get a job as a management consultant with Jeff Kavanaugh

Some Trusts also offer candidates the opportunity to attend MDT meetings. If it is possible, then ask politely. This will give you a valuable insight into the work and relationships within the Trust. To make the best impression, make sure that you wear business attire. It is also a good idea to avoid humour; not everyone will share your jokes and your nerves will probably make them sound unfunny.

There is no harm in just being normal. Consultant interviews. Pre-Interview Visits. What is a pre-interview visit and why does it matter? For example: Do you know how the Trust is faring against the cost savings targets imposed by the government? Do you know the extent to which the department has contributed towards those targets? Do you understand the impact that external competition is having on the Trust? Are you aware of the measures they have proposed to fight back? Do you know what the key priorities for the Trust are over the next 3 or 5 years?

How is the Trust attempting to influence the commissioning process? Who should you meet?

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  4. You should ensure that you visit as many of these as possible, except for two of them: The lay chairman, as his role is primarily to direct the operations and, most often, he will not have a very hands-on role within the Trust. Having said that it is worth noting that some chairmen like to be asked we know of two candidates who upset a chairman for not asking , so it is worth asking for an appointment, but expecting to be rejected in most cases.

    He will have little or no involvement with the daily activities of the Trust and will therefore have nothing useful to contribute in terms of pre-interview information. Unlike the chairman, we would advise that you do not even bother contacting them at all. The list of people you should visit therefore includes: Panel members Chief executive or representative Medical director Clinical director Consultant s University Representative Other team members in the list e.

    What if you are too busy or live too far? What questions should you ask? Ultimately your questions will be aimed at: Obtaining a clearer picture of the role and of the team's expectations towards the new recruit. Consultants are expected to have a broad knowledge of management, as well as good understanding of finance, strategy, and communications—among other things.

    So this week, I rounded up the eight books that have helped me along my consultant journey and career. While this book is focused on a specific firm, the insights and recommendations from it are applicable across the entire industry.