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We are improving access to our market for new, innovative suppliers and particularly smaller businesses. This contains useful guidance on what to expect when selling to Government and top tips on how to bid for and win government contracts. Please note: This guide is intended for government-wide suppliers and therefore does not include the following defence specific points:.

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We want to encourage innovation in our business and attract new and non-traditional suppliers in to all levels of the defence supply chain. Our military customers have put innovation high on their agenda and we expect this to be reflected in their future requirements. SDSR identified innovation as a central theme reflecting the changing global security and technology landscape. The Defence and Security Accelerator which forms part of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory Dstl , focuses on innovations which can provide advantage to defence and national security to protect the UK from its adversaries.

The Accelerator will also fund innovations for defence and security which support economic growth and prosperity in the UK. It has been formed to meet the challenges of increased international competition for defence business, and has created a collaborative environment to enable the UK to offer the very best solutions to defence customers, tailored to meet global customer needs, including the MOD.

They work with companies to de-risk, enable and support innovation and run competitions for funding in different industry sectors, including the Small Business Research Initiative SBRI , and an open competition for applications from any sector. Visit Prepare for EU Exit to find more detailed guidance on policy changes that cross-sector defence industry and related businesses would find of interest.

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The EDA supports the member states and the council in their effort to improve European defence capabilities. Work is ongoing and focused on:. As an extension to this it includes the provision of more complete, reliable and accurate management information. Email: mysteryshopper crowncommercial. To help us improve GOV.

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It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Skip to main content. Accept cookies. Cookie settings. Ministry of Defence. Procurement at MOD. Contents Who we are What we do Why choose us How we procure Overview of a typical competition Where to find contract opportunities Want to know more? Who we are The MOD is one of the biggest public procurement organisations in Europe, managing some of the most complex and technologically advanced requirements in the world. What we do We support our armed forces by providing world class solutions for delivering national defence and security for the UK whilst ensuring the best possible value for the taxpayer.

I look forward to reading more of your articles. In order to grow your team there are several things you must do. Pray to God to be sent people with a like mind. Take yourself and the security ministry seriously. Leadership is not hard at all. My father explained it to me this way, people measure you by your walk. If you walk with professionalism and can still display your Christlike spirit, you will draw your team to you.

As a growing church in Colorado Springs, not far from New Life, we formed our safety and security team a little over 3 years ago. We are blessed to have an active FBI agent on our team who uses the FBI field agent firearms proficiency test as our basis for team qualification to carry. As the issue of church security grows and becomes more widely known and accepted, there are more and more training opportunities available.

Thanks for your input Michael.


In the current culture we live in, we must be vigilant at all times. Preparation is the key to survival. Continue to train and be watchful. Thank you. Behavioral recognition is pivotal in being able to decipher is someone needs the attention of the security personnel. Awareness is absolutely paramount in being able to anticipate and recognize things that may be out of the ordinary.

Belgian Defense Minister Steven Vandeput unveils new FOX vehicle for Special Operations Forces

One cannot defeat their enemy or opponent if they fail to understand them. Likewise, one should know themselves. If we do not know our selves we cannot identify our weakness, which is equally important to knowing our strengths. Anyone wanting to know more or engage in training or discussion please feel free to contact me. Pablo, this was an excellent article.

People need to realize the threats are real and changing, especially as radical islam intends to spread fear through terrorism. Criminals and Terrorists do not want to confront an armed resistance, as we saw in the San Bernardino attack. The ideas that you put forward in the article pertaining to Church security, mimics how Law enforcement is meant to be, protection with compassion. I have been in law enforcement for 27 years in Los Angeles. People are always surprised that I am always armed, even while in Church.

God Bless you for this. Very sad what has been happening. I personally found a link to this increase of violence which God willing I have to share with the faith based community. It includes the actual calls made by family and even by a killer himself. I was amazed to see the underlining evil within the current wave of violence devastating our homes, schools and communities is more diabolic and far more hidden than I ever imagined. I hope this wisdom helps saves lives while I also hope our Churches read your advise to better protect the faithful.

Churches most definitely need protecting. If you think about it, as Christians, we are to reach the lost. Spiritually, the lost are those that do not know God, which includes the criminals! If your church only reaches out to the believers, you are ignoring the Great Comission to make disciples of ALL men. With this attitude, you will be inviting those most likely to do harm to your church, into your church.

You must welcome them, but you must also have a plan for what to do if they plan on bringing harm to your congregation. I am an associate pastor and have been concerned about and working on developing a Safety Response Team at our church. After several years of grooming our leadership to the idea and need of such a team, we have launched our training phase for the ministry. I was pleasantly surprised at the response of over 30 individuals who were willing to take the training to become part of the ministry team.

Thanks for your article and I wish I had known about your book. Probably would have saved me a lot of leg work. Protect the flock over which you have made overseer. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your gift for protecting houses of worship. Would be great to correspond with you to compare notes! Blessings, Pete J.

The FBI statistics on church violence, almost killed in the last 20 years is enough alone to strongly address church security. If you attend a large, popular church, historic landmark well, we are the center of attention. My problem is the leadership forbids firearms, period. If colder months, maybe even my Glock 17, though that will probably be carried less now that I have a I conceal carry and often bring my weapon to church.

We are in the baby stages of starting our church and have about 15 people that come regularly and not a large building. Since I lead the opening exercises, I have a view of everything that goes on from the pulpit to the parking lot.