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He says that he began to recognize many of his family members there, and would sometimes see them sitting in the stands, with some participating, others just watching. He recognized his mother, brothers, step-father and his step-father's family, all there. Marshall realized that his entire extended family was involved and that they all played a part in this, but at first, wasn't sure how.

In conversations with them there, however, his family seemed completely aware, in that, they were not memory suppressed about the time they spent there. They remembered what happened every time they were there, and would remember again when they woke up.

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It seemed that he was the only one, Marshall realized, that could not remember. He says that later he would learn the truth about his family, and the deep ties they had to the Illuminati that went back generations. Although, appearing to others as "regular people with regular jobs", they were secretly in service to this dark organization, as ground-level members, always eager to improve their standing there. What's more, Marshall would learn that his mother had actually sold him to the Illuminati, at the age of 5, to be used, abused and discarded in time.

He became what is known there as a slave, one with no human rights, no hope of freedom, forever trapped in a high-tech hell with virtually no way out. Marshall explains that this is one way to gain full membership within the organization. If a parent selects a child to sell, to be used in any way they see fit, in exchange, the entire family benefits in terms of opportunities and favors granted from the other Illuminati members. While the rest of the family will attend cloning during their dream state, and watch the nightly atrocities inflicted upon the sacrificed child, the victim himself will remain memory suppressed and will not remember the perversity that takes place there.

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  7. Children are always in high demand there, Marshall tells us, and like him, most remain memory suppressed about how they spend their hours of sleep. Once they reach adulthood, however, the Illuminati can decide whether or not to unsuppress them and release their locked memories to conscious recall. Marshall says that if they can be useful to the organization, the Illuminati will memory unsuppress them and select them to hold key positions in law enforcement, local government, etc.

    If, however, these victims are not useful in any way, the Illuminati can choose to leave them memory suppressed forever. That way, they will never remember and usually end up as damaged, addicted adults with unexplained fears and phobias. Marshall says some don't make it and end up killing themselves instead.

    Marshall explains that he has since learned that elite scientists must take great care when releasing a person's suppressed memories, in that, the memories must be gradually released over a period of time, so as not to cause any unwanted results. Marshall claims that this is what happened in the much-publicized case of brothers Lyle and Erik Menendez, tried in for the shotgun murders of their wealthy parents, media executive Jose Menendez and wife Kitty Menendez. On August 20th, , a operator received a frantic call from Lyle Menendez, saying that someone had killed his parents.

    When police arrived, they found the bodies of both in the den of their luxury Beverly Hills residence.

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    Jose Menendez had been shot in the back of the head, while Kitty Menendez had been shot repeatedly while trying to escape the killers. With no suspects in the double murders, the case remained unsolved until police discovered tapes of Erik Menendez confessing his involvement in the killings to a therapist.

    Both brothers were charged in the multiple murders and, if convicted, could receive the death penalty. The brother's first trial, broadcast on Court TV, created a national frenzy, by providing daily coverage of the trial. When the jury deadlocked, unable to agree to a verdict, the prosecution vowed to try the brothers again.

    Three years later, both brothers were retried, convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder, and sentenced to life without possibility of parole. Many at the time wondered what would have caused the Menendez brothers to kill their parents in such a brutal way. Marshall explains that their father, Jose Menendez, a successful media executive, was also a loyal member of the Illuminati, and as such, was required to attend secret meetings at the cloning center, and bring the entire family.

    Marshall explains that both brothers attended cloning, where they spent their hours of sleep surrounded by acts of sick perversity.

    Coming of age as young adults, Marshall claims that both were in the process of being "awakened" to the truth about their twisted childhoods. While he could find no one able to understand his memories, Marshall says that the brothers were able to discuss their strange dreams with each other, dreams they both shared in detail. By corroborating each other's experiences, the Menendez brothers realized that they were not imagining things, and once they discovered the truth, struck back at those responsible.

    Marshall claims to have met both brothers at cloning years ago. He says they agreed to a bargain with the Illuminati not to reveal what they remember about growing up at the cloning center and the perverse acts they witnessed in their dreams, in order to escape the death penalty. Marshall says he was disappointed at the time and wanted them to tell all, so that the world might learn the truth about the abuse that takes place within prominent Illuminati families at top-secret cloning centers. He was able to remember the pain and suffering he endured there nightly, all the while realizing that his family had been there from the very beginning, had watched all this from the stands, but did nothing to help him.

    Marshall had in his possession a special sword, one that he had ordered and purchased years before. Lately, he found his thoughts returning to this sword, imagining the weight of it in his hand, as he swung at his mother, his step-father, those that he had trusted and had betrayed him. He dreamed of the night, when he would wait until dark.

    Then he would carefully remove the sword and leave, walking quickly through the quiet neighborhood. Once he had reached their house, he would wait outside until all had gone to bed for the night.

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    Marshall would find his parent's bedroom, where they lay sleeping, and start chopping and hacking each one into bloody pieces. Marshall knew though, that he would be quickly arrested, and confined to a prison cell for the rest of his life. He decided that it would be better to find a way to tell the world and expose them all at the same time. As of now, Marshall continues to be activated at the cloning center nightly, with no way to block the consciousness transfer. He is sometimes asked how he manages to keep on.

    Some say they would have taken their own lives long ago. Marshall says that suicide is not an option for him, as he is the only hope for so many others trapped there. For that reason he says, "I soldier on…". Marshall says he will never stop speaking out about the use of top-secret human cloning in deep underground military bases until those there are freed and all cloning centers are shut down forever. Marshall came forward in to post online his eye-witness accounts of the serious crimes that take place nightly at deep underground military bases around the world, crimes including the sex trafficking and exploitation of young children in which elite members can indulge themselves without any possible chance of discovery.

    Marshall has risked his life to speak out about the Illuminati's use of top-secret human cloning, explaining that the science is much more advanced than the public is told. Known as REM-Driven Consciousness Transfer, Marshall says this technology is able to track, locate and then transfer an individual's consciousness during the natural REM cycle of sleep to their identical clone stored at a cloning center many miles away.

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    By utilizing this top-secret tech, Marshall states that Illuminati members are able to meet as clones in deep underground military bases. There they sit in the stands of a large sports arena to discuss global politics, plan future events and watch disgusting things done to innocent people, while their real bodies are at home sleeping.

    When the real body wakes up, "all goes black," says Marshall, as the clone body drops limp, while workers come to collect and store the deactivated clone until the next night.

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    Marshall claims to have attended these secret meetings with select members of the Illuminati since early childhood, as an unwilling participant in many covert government projects. While Marshall can relate in detail the events that took place at the cloning center every night, he reports that he could never remember how he got there, and as a child, thought that he had been abducted somehow.

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    Children are always in high demand there, says Marshall, explaining that the reason he was originally brought to the cloning center at age 5 was to service the members as a "diddle kid", a child to be sexually used, abused and discarded in time. Marshall wouldn't learn until decades later that his family, while appearing "normal enough", had strong Illuminati connections that went back for generations. He discovered that his own mother had been used there the same way when she was a young child.

    Now it was her turn to bring her own children to the cloning center in exchange for favors and benefits from other Illuminati members. Marshall says he was memory suppressed until age 30, and would not consciously remember any of this until much later, when the elite decided it was time to mechanically release his memories to present consciousness, in what is known as "The Awakening". Marshall says in his earliest memory, he simply opened his eyes to find himself there, standing in the center of a mid-size indoor sports arena.

    He says he thinks he was about 5 years old, although he admits that he might have been even younger. Looking around, Marshall saw that he was surrounded by stands filled with people, sitting in the dark. He says he had no idea of where he was or how he got there and, at the time, believed that he had been kidnapped in his sleep. What Marshall didn't realize was that he was not in his real body, but was activating a clone, which, according to Marshall, feels as real as real. With heart racing, Marshall began to scan the crowds, searching among those seated in the dark, desperately trying to think of a way out.

    Sitting off to the side, he recognized Queen Elizabeth, complete with diamond tiara, accompanied by other members of the royal family. When Marshall finished, he remembers the silence that followed as the crowd sat in utter amazement. Marshall says the song was released weeks later, recorded by American country artist Kenny Rodgers, entitled Lady. The song immediately became a chart-topping hit, reaching 1 on Billboard magazine's singles charts for 6 straight weeks just months later.

    Marshall remembers being brought back there for more songs the next night, and the next and the next.