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And at one point during the drawn-out financial portion of the divorce, she sat outside the Chicago courthouse with a cardboard sign that read, "NBA Miami Heat star, mother of his children on the streets. When Wade filed for sole custody of their sons Zaire , now 16, and Zion , now 11, in , alleging Funches couldn't "be considered a fit and proper person" to raise them, she went on the offensive.

Two months later, she named Union in a lawsuit filed on behalf of their sons. Along with claiming the couple didn't properly supervise the boys, she alleged the actress "engaged in sexual foreplay" with Wade in front of them and that her actions had caused their eldest so much stress and anxiety that he was forced to seek medical treatment. And amid all that mess, in the ultimate power move, the pair make their red carpet debut at the same charity event they were snapped attending one year earlier.

By March , a judge handed over sole "care, custody and control" of the boys to Wade, scolding Funches for embarking "on an unstoppable and relentless pattern of conduct for over two years to alienate the children from their father. Through it all Union remained silent, even as she was labeled a mistress. But in April —two months after she and Wade posed together for the cover of Essence —she had the opportunity to clear her name. And while being publicly branded as a cheater wasn't the best, she insisted she had no regrets about their pairing.

There's no way that I would trade it for people who refuse to simply acknowledge the truth. But even with the ex drama behind them, the duo couldn't fall into happily ever after quite yet. Starting in January —as Union was launching into her BET series Being Mary Jane and Wade was dealing with a nagging knee injury—the pair quietly separated for several months. Moving forward, I decided my work schedule has to make sense for our family. Ultimately, the pre-engagement split proved successful just as it had for other couples before them.

We want to continue to get better each day,'" Wade explained during a September appearance on The Tonight Show. We're going strong now. That December, the 6-foot-4 athlete got down on one knee with an 8. At first Union assumed the boys had acted on their own. In one of her most endearing moves to date, Union celebrated the relationship upgrade with some wood-fired grilled shrimp at her favorite restaurant: Red Lobster.

Her cool girl chill remained through the lead up to their vows. Just 10 days after their engagement, news broke that Wade had fathered a child with longtime pal Aja Metoyer , now a member of the Basketball Wives cast. Fans were aghast, but Wade calmly confirmed the recent arrival of his third son, Xavier , now 4, in a press conference, calling him "a blessing. Because of course Union knew.

One of the tenets of their relationship, she told Glamour , is honesty: "I believe in full disclosure. No weird secrets.

Let the chips fall where they may. While she surged forward with the logistics of legally entwining herself with Wade—she joked on the Arsenio Hall Show she would be getting a prenup because "the reality is I've never seen Dwyane balance a checkbook, so I gotta protect my stuff,"—he went into full-on party planner mode. Joking to Us Weekly that he'd become a "groomzilla," she revealed that when the athlete realized she was trying to turn their June affair at Miami's Chateau Artisan "into a frat party with k-cups and beer pong," he took over.

Gabrielle Union's Best Looks. Really all she did to prep, she told Vegas magazine, was to attend a wine tasting and pick out two Dennis Basso gowns. And while flouncy white dresses are great and all, Union said she was more concerned with what would come after they tied the knot. To that end, says Union, both she and Wade make affection a priority.

I think he's delicious.

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Watching him get out of the shower never gets old. Middle of paradise. They also do their best not to get bogged down in petty arguments. But at the end of the day, I just screw it back on myself.

Don't Pack the Whole House: Hotel Hacks by Story of This Life and BW

It's give-and-take. And to the star what she reaps is well worth it. News , "he's very romantic and a great gift-giver. Union isn't shy about listing his other attributes either, explaining to Glamour , "Sometimes my girlfriends will mention sexting or certain positions as something they'd only do with a guy on spring break. They'll say, 'You don't do that with someone you love.

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Still, she stops short of revealing all their secrets. In the initial years after their wedding, she politely deflected questions about when they would procreate.

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But by last fall she was so tired of people prying into what may or may not be happening in her uterus, she gave the sort of brutally honest response that's designed to halt all inquiries. Revealing her series of miscarriages, she wrote in her new book, "For three years, my body has been a prisoner of trying to get pregnant—I've either been about to go into an IVF cycle, in the middle of an IVF cycle, or coming out of an IVF cycle.

Then she made it perfectly clear that's all she would be saying on the subject. Should she be spotted holding a newborn, by all means, she'll address it. Until then, she told E! News , "If we are or if we aren't, that's, like, totally our thing.

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So, now they are and, as promised, she addressed it. While she understandably chose to keep mum about the proceedings out of deference to the challenging process and the surrogate involved, she was so bursting with excitement she couldn't even wait a full 24 hours to let her fans in on the new developments. This makes me sad and weary in numerous ways, especially given all the brilliance that has be… Jan 19, Read More. Transition starts now…. I am a procrastinator by nature. Despite years of effort to change that, and despite those many, many times I barely sk… Dec 3, Read More.

Storm Clouds and Silver Linings I think of myself as an optimistic person. In general, I feel that attitude is one of our best personal tools and that t… Sep 24, Read More. All rights reserved. Many of the photos on this site show children with arthritis taken at Arthritis Foundation camps, conference or community events. About JA. Know SJIA.

Kids Teens. Juvenile Arthritis: How to Detect It? JA Family Education Programs. Arthritis Foundation Special Events. Juvenile Arthritis Camps. Juvenile Arthritis Research Training Videos. Did You Know Parent Stories. Kid Stories Teen Stories. Promoting Healthy Eating Habits in Children With Arthritis and Related Diseases Get tips for dealing with eating issues that may be caused by medication side effects or develop when your child experiences a flare.

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