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You bring forth constellations, scatter lightning across the earth. But my every need is met, and my every prayer is heard. Just buckle down, hold my ground, and release the sail. Cutting through the storm to bring this ship on home. Your ways are just and your hands are strong. V3: When my mind is darkened by the clouds above. Written by: T. V1: So softly and tenderly Jesus keeps calling. Amazing His grace and sweet is the sound. C: Every lesson I learned, put my heart at rest. Never a stranger will enter these doors. Each melody, stanza, harmony note, and ancient word ever true.

Are standing on the promises that echo between the pews. The birds they all hush at the sound of his voice. Whatever my hand, You have taught me to say,.

You sent your Son to walk the earth with human feet. It was the only way You could get to me. A heart started beating that was three days cold.

From Pews to Polling Places | Georgetown University Press

More than just a man, He was Love in the Flesh. More than just a man, more than just a man He was Love. We were thus able to maintain the flexibility of the room and still have a beautiful worship space on Sunday. My home church has traditional pews in the worship center. Theater seating offers the most comfort and accessibility but the cost can be out of reach.

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  • Pews, Chairs, or Something Else in the Worship Center?.

My overall preference would be pew chairs if the proper quality, comfort level is affordable. Theater seats are nice if quality seats are purchased and also installed properly. I have visited some churches with theatre seating and found the experience to be terrible. I am six foot tall and not overweight for my size but found the seating to be very uncomfortable. When installed the installers placed each row with very little walk room between rows. The rows were so narrow that one needed to almost enter the end of each row sideways and then inch-worm their way down the row in a sideways motion to your intended seat.

And then when seated my knees were jambed against the seat in front of me.

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Theatre seating is so confining for the individual anyway and if placed close to the row in front of you it confines you even more and by the time the service was over I felt so cramped up that I could not wait to get out of there. I found the seating to be so poorly planned that this alone would keep me from coming back.

Pews have the advantage that they are not so confining in sideways movement but people also tend to spread out in the pews more with their personal belongings like books, purses etc. Some people tend to sit in pews like they do their Lazy-boy at home by sitting in a 45 degree angle to the pew and and kind of lounging with arms spread out across the back of the pew, which can take up additional space.

I personally think quality upholstered individual chairs with an ample seat width is most comfortable and due to design tend to confine individuals to their alotted space which allows for more overall seating capacity. Plus the fact that they are moveable which lends to the ability to re-arrange for custom seating applications. Of course, the opposite can be true as well. We were members of a church for years that had theater seats and they were incredibly comfortable. You just need to make sure they are installed correctly. Pews are best for accommodating squirmy children.

I can barely do it in a theatre where, to be honest, they are much more engaged than they are at church. I liked what my friend told about sitting in an Eastern Orthodox Church.

From Pews to Polling Places

Only those who were elderly and who could not stand were given a seat. Otherwise you stand for the service. Hi Mark! There are many other examples from early Church writings along these lines.

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Whether there are pews in an Orthodox Church, or not, most able bodied participants do stand for the majority of each service. Even very young children know when they minimally must stand ie. The sermon is not the main focus of an Orthodox Liturgy, communion is. So, the service is a emotional, all senses build up to The Eucharist.

Sermons tend to be very short, and often are given at the end of the service instead of the middle. Also, the Orthodox Laity is rarely in the position of only watching. Paschal Easter services often run hours, or more, in length. I figured if he could get through the service, he was a keeper! Hope this has been interesting and also helped explain a little about why your Eastern Orthodox friend said they had no pews.


I caution your readers to examine the impact of seating on parking very carefully. Calculating for larger seating can actually work against your best interest, in that most jurisdictions require too little seating for the actual requirements of the congregation. They usually require one space for every three or four seats in the worship area. The reality is that most churches have about 2 people per car. Therefore, you may be providing half the parking necessary to fill the building if you only provide the minimum the required by city ordinance.

This is even more skewed when the children are worshipping in another part of the building, or the church is in multiple services. There are always extenuating circumstances, like shared parking, that can effect these numbers, but in most cases, this is the best way to plan parking. Such numbers do get tossed about in conversation, but I have never seen anything but anecdotal evidence from general observation cited which is contrary to our experience researching attendance figures of churches that have outgrown their worship space.

Have you seen research on the topic? We frequently see stackable chairs used in churches that never intend to store them all away. This gives the definition-of-space advantage many people prefer without the expense of theater seats. It also gives the option to remove a portion of them to make the room feel fuller when starting a new service or experiencing a low attendance time.


Seats are then easily added back as attendance grows. Chairs are also consistently the most economical solution of the three. Sense most churches use PPT and do not have music books, then most of the extra luggage usually carried will fit in the pockets on back of the theater seats. Good info Thom-thanks! Setting the chairs right next to each other in a row only encourages people to have empty chairs between them.

But arranging them with a small gap between chairs 4 to 6 inches , and people tend to use every chair. A room should always be adaptable to host different kinds of events. To do otherwise is poor stewardship of our resources. This allows only for stackable chairs, I know, but I would have a hard time justifying anything else, church budgets being what they are. So, from this perspective, theater seats are more economically efficient.

Can I get ask from where you are getting these numbers?