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Balan E. About 65 million people out of million with disabilities in the world require wheelchairs for mobility. Only a minority of them have access to electric wheelchairs in developing and underdeveloped nations. The count is even less when it comes to sophisticated wheelchairs.

These electric wheelchairs come with joystick control which is not suitable for people with stroke and spinal cord injury. In this research work we propose a FPGA based solution for automatic navigation of electric wheelchairs in indoor navigation. The house floor is divided into virtual grids with specific co-ordinates assigned to each grid.

As a predefined path is fed into the system to reach a destination from a source the system works faster compared to the specific path finding algorithms for path calculation.

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The Matlab implementation and the Verilog HDL implementation, analysis, synthesis are discussed detailed in this paper. Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, B, V. Disabilities affect majority of the world population nowadays. Autonomous wheelchair is one of the major assistive systems proposed for the disabled people to meet their daily locomotion challenges.

Different algorithm and techniques can be used to find the optimal path in these types of intelligent wheelchair to navigate from a source to destination. Notable change in performance can be observed while testing with different algorithms and techniques. As the real world scenarios are so dynamic, replication of different test cases each time with the changing specification of the intelligent wheelchair for study is a strenuous process.

Simulation study helps to analyze the different characteristics and behavior of the intelligent wheelchair without much strain. In this paper we describe the detailed study of fixed path algorithm and behavior of the autonomous wheelchair using simulation technique. We hope that such systems would be of great help in the rehabilitation process of the people affected by disaster, conflicts etc. The smart cane is intended to provide the visually challenged a better walking experience. The design is incorporated with Bluetooth enabled Obstacle detection module, supported with heat detection and haptic modules.

The distance between the obstacle and the user is sent to an Android device via Bluetooth. Haptics module is included to warn the user of moving obstacles with the help of vibratory motors. This research work explains about the setup we used for the implementation, design details and experimental results of the measured parameters. Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Raj, N. Lack of appropriate information system for transportation, particularly for passengers who use public transport, specifically buses for commuting is causing lot of anxiety among the commuter.

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Passengers wait for long time at the bus terminus expecting the bus to arrive as per the schedule. At present there is no such system in place for the benefit of the passengers who take buses for commuting. It would be good to have such a system like in railway stations which provide information about the arriving and departing trains. We propose a system which could track the current position of buses and the dynamic arrival and departure time and inform the passengers via display boards at the terminus or through an App installed in the smart phone.

It has a GPS system that tracks the position of a particular bus and the data is transmitted by a GSM modem to the bus terminus. The receiver part of the system which is installed at the bus terminus processes the received data and calculates the arrival time and delay time of a particular bus. The initial testing shows that it will be a boon for the commuters who often meet with boredom and anxiety without knowing when the buses will arrive. Rajesh Kannan Megalingam and Lal, L.

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MEMS is the technology of miniaturizing mechanical devices with the aid of Electrical support. The study is conducted through the analysis of diaphragms made out of semiconductor and insulator materials. The Piezoresistive property of materials are used here where the resistivity of the material changes on application of pressure.

The optimal diaphragm shape is decided by studying the deflection, stress, and output voltage. Three different shapes are considered for the studies, Circular, Square, and Rectangular. The stress, deflection, and output voltage are analyzed using COMSOL Multiphysics software and the observed results are included in the paper. As the elder population is increasing every year, spending on elder healthcare is also increasing. A huge part of the healthcare expenditure is expected to be spent on older individuals particularly those with Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson diseases, stroke patients in their rehabilitation phase which require continuous monitoring and medical care.

This research work makes use of smart phones which have become ubiquitous and the capability of mobile networks having increased multifold in short duration, to address these issues. A constant and reliable assistive technology is essential while taking care of home-bound patients and elders. The proposed system has sensors to monitor the heart rate, body temperature, ECG, respiration rate, tilt and fall. Blood pressure can also be measured in cuff-less manner. The sensors are attached to the body of the elderly or home-bound patient in a wearable fashion.

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The data from the sensors can be sent to any Smartphone with Bluetooth support. In critical situations the caretaker will be given a notification via smartphone.

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Cuff-less BP monitoring will be a boon in case of continuous monitoring of health parameters. Improving the quality of life for the elderly persons and giving them the proper care at the right time is the responsibility of the younger generation. Due to lack of awareness on proper elder care, unavoidable busy schedule etc.

A simple, compact and user-friendlyelectronic gadget for continuous monitoring of elder health parameters is the need of the hour. Day by day the menace of weakening health and chances of skin related problems, bed sores etc are becoming critical in case of bed ridden patients. This paper analyses the old age diseases and the parameters to be monitored.

Based on the analysis a simple, comfortable, low cost gadget to monitor elder health and report any critical condition is proposed. Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Venumadhav, R. The word coconut means the sitting sensation in the island paradise. In reality, a minimum of 5 - 6 billion coconut trees are harvested each year, with 12 million coconuts exported by Philippines and India, making them the largest exporters of coconut in the world.

Also, coconut harvesting plays a very important role in the economy of many developing countries. Unfortunately despite its mass distribution and wide spread around the world, coconut harvesting is still done without proper safety measures which can lead to serious casualties. In this paper, we discuss various models for tree climbing and plucking.

We have taken into account the safety, reliability, the ease of use which is capable of climbing trees, cutting down coconuts, cleaning the tree tops and spraying pesticides.

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This system is so designed that it can be controlled by anyone. A prototype of the arm has been designed and tested successfully, using Microsoft Kinect. The designed prototype responds to human gestures with negligible gap in the response time and hence can be implemented in real time.

Automatic navigation systems have a wide range of applications and are usually implemented in many robotic systems. The area of interest here is an automated powered wheelchair for the elderly and physically challenged individuals, which empower them to navigate inside their homes without having to continuously steer the wheelchair. Such a system dramatically reduces the amount of continuous physical effort the user has to apply. This is achieved by mapping the floor plan of a house into number of square grids, with each grid having a unique address.

The Location Aware and Remembering Navigation LARN algorithm, which is based on the Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm, calculates the shortest path to a set of predefined locations inside the house. With sufficient hardware to measure the orientation of the wheelchair and distance traversed, LARN can dynamically calculate the shortest path to any of the predefined locations. The greatest advantage of implementing LARN is the fact that the system would require no wireless devices to function. Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Saboo, N.